Republican lawmaker hints someone else driving Biden's foreign policy

'China is not our friend. They're our enemy,' Ralph Norman said

Updated: March 1, 2023 - 6:55pm

South Carolina GOP Rep. Ralph Norman on Wednesday implied that someone other than President Joe Biden was directing the administration's policies on the world stage.

"With any of the Biden interviews, he's not coherent," Norman said during a Wednesday segment of the "Just the News, No Noise." television show. "And whoever's running this country is doing a lot of damage to us."

Biden has taken flak for his performance on the world stage, particularly in light of his handling of the incursion of a suspected Chinese spy balloon into U.S. airspace.

"He sold out to China," stated Norman. "That's pretty obvious. I mean, look at TikTok. Look at what they're doing to the youth in this country. Look at the trade imbalance that we have now. Look at the medical devices that we're dependent on China for. China is not our friend. They're our enemy."

Norman further indicated that U.S. plans to take the initiative when it comes to Chinese violations of U.S. airspace airspace amid the fallout from the suspected spy balloon's trip across the U.S. without interference until its downing off the coast of the Carolinas. 

"We're gonna hopefully put the screws to China," he said. "I went to look at a document just a little bit ago in the scare phone and what the plan was if any other object violated the airspace. They're getting the message."

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