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Trump says Biden 'bought and paid for' by China

"This is more radical than anything that he campaigned on," Trump said Biden's roughly first two months in office.

Published: March 22, 2021 1:34pm

Updated: March 22, 2021 2:27pm

Former President Trump says President Biden and some of his family members have been "bought and paid for" by China.

During an interview on the podcast “The Truth with Lisa Boothe," Trump said Biden's policies will hurt Americans. 

Boothe declared that Biden has enacted policies on oil drilling and trade that will "send [American] jobs back to China" and asked Trump if he thinks "the Bidens [are] bought and paid for by China."

"Yes, but beyond bought and paid for, this is not what he campaigned on," Trump said, who last year lost reelection to Biden. "This is more radical – what he’s doing. And I don’t even think it’s him. I think it’s the cabal. This is more radical than anything that he campaigned on. But this is more radical than Bernie Sanders.”

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Trump claimed that China would “own” the U.S. if Biden won, often bringing up his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.

"As of last month, the first son still owned 10 percent of an investment fund controlled by Chinese state-owned entities. The fund was formed 12 days after Hunter Biden joined his father aboard Air Force Two for a December 2013 trip to Beijing," The New York Post reported Monday.

Trump also blasted the media, saying the surge in migrants at the border is a perfect example of biased coverage.

The mainstream media assertively reported on a similar surge when Trump was in office – including reports on the his administration keeping kids in "cages." However, the news media hasn't reported on the new surge with the same assertiveness, Trump says.

"This is not a free press," he told Boothe. "This is a press that we have to be very, very smart to get around, but they don’t cover bad things if it happens to be bad for Democrats. It’s pretty amazing. You take a look at some of the coverage and some of the travesty that’s taking place at the border, and the coverage is not commensurate.

"If you look at NBC, ABC, CBS, and of course CNN and MSNBC, and see – if you look at some of those networks – it’s just not covered. It’s covered so little. It’s amazing. And it’s a massive story because it’s going to destroy – it’s going to destroy our country."

In the interview, Trump also teased a return to social media, saying, "I’m doing things having to do with putting our own platform out there, that you’ll be hearing about soon.

"Big tech has gone wild. And I’m able to get the word out because ... everybody picks it up, including big tech, which is sort of interesting. But other people, when they get canceled, they don’t have that. They can’t put out a press release that everybody picks up. It doesn’t work that way."

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