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White House says Oversight chair Comer leading 'politically-motivated' probe into Biden family

The White House spokesperson also accused House Republicans of supporting financial policies that "benefit China."

Published: May 10, 2023 8:25am

The White House claims that House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer is leading an "evidence-free, politically-motivated 'investigation'" into the Biden family as the Republican-led committee is releasing a report Wednesday on part of the probe.

"House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is loudly and proudly broadcasting a press conference today to continue his long pattern of making absurd claims that President Biden has made governing decisions not in the interest of America, but of the Chinese Communist Party, using baseless claims, personal attacks, and innuendo to try to score political points," White House spokesperson Ian Sams wrote in a memo obtained by Fox News.

Comer, a Kentucky Republican, is laying out his committee's findings Wednesday at a press conference. The report focuses on how former acting CIA Director Michael Morell and Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken, who is now Secretary of State, were involved in a letter signed by 51 U.S. intelligence experts dismissing Hunter Biden's laptop as Russian disinformation before the 2020 election.

Comer previously said his committee uncovered information suggesting that "10 or 12 Biden family members" participated in efforts to "launder or hide" money from "Communist China and other countries around the world."

President Joe Biden has maintained his innocence and said that his son, Hunter Biden, has "done nothing wrong."

Sams said that Comer's probe "is clearly an evidence-free, politically-motivated 'investigation'" and he even accused House Republicans of supporting financial policies that "benefit China."

"Instead of floating evidence-free innuendo, and making absurd attacks on the President and his family to try to score political points, Chairman Comer and House Oversight Republicans should answer the question: Why have you repeatedly sided with PRC interests over American workers and the American economy, instead of joining President Biden to put in place a strong agenda to create more American jobs and make us more competitive with China?" Sams also wrote.

Madeleine Hubbard is an international correspondent for Just the News. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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