Chick-fil-A says it will begin converting its used cooking oil into bio-fuel

Company’s peanut oil will be transformed into “renewable transportation fuel,” corporation said.

Updated: March 26, 2022 - 2:38pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

Legendary chicken sandwich company Chick-fil-A announced this week that it will begin diverting its spent cooking oil away from landfills and toward “cleaner burning renewable transportation fuel.”

The new program, announced in a press release, will incorporate the oil used in all the company’s restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company is partnering with Darling Ingredients through that corporation’s service brand DAR PRO Solutions.

"At Chick-fil-A, we are committed to caring – and that includes caring for others through our food and caring for our planet," Rodney Bullard, the company’s vice president of corporate social responsibility, said in the press release 

"Our innovative partnership with DAR PRO Solutions helps us be responsible stewards of the resources at our restaurants and allows us to support the future of renewable transportation fuel – all while positively influencing the communities we serve." 

Chick-fil-A famously uses 100% peanut oil in its cooking; some research has indicated that peanut oil has a high capability for producing sustainable bio-fuel.

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