Boston Bomber sues federal government over Supermax prison's hat, shower policies

Says he doesn’t get to wear his hat and doesn’t get enough showers.

Updated: January 9, 2021 - 5:07pm

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old who helped perpetrate the deadly Boston bombing in 2013, is suing the federal government over allegedly unfair treatment amid his lifetime prison sentence.

Tsarnaev said in the $250,000 lawsuit that prison officials have forbid him from wearing a white baseball cap he purchased at the prison commissary. The prison reportedly argued that Tsarnaev’s white hat was a sign of disrespect to law enforcement and bombing victims; in 2013 during the post-bombing chaos law enforcement initially identified him by a white hat he wore just prior to the attack.

Tsarnaev is also only allowed three showers a week, he said in the suit. The policies are allegedly contributing to his “mental and physical decline.”

The judge handling the lawsuit said that it was deficient as filed due to its lacking some court documents as well as a $402 filing fee.

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