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Coast Guard rescues Canadian man wanted in bizarre ‘Goonies’ incident in Oregon

Man allegedly left dead fish on porch of famous home.

Published: February 4, 2023 3:45pm

Updated: February 4, 2023 3:46pm

The U.S. Coast Guard this week announced the rescue of a man in Oregon who was wanted in connection with a bizarre harassment incident involving a dead fish.

The Coast Guard on Friday released footage of its rescue of Jericho Labonte, a Canadian man who was struggling to manage a yacht in the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. 

Labonte was pulled from the waters by a diver and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of mild injuries; he was subsequently released. 

After his release, however, police became aware that he was wanted in connection with a bizarre incident in which he allegedly left a dead fish on the porch of the famous “Goonies” home in the small coastal city. 

A man in nearby Warrenton later reported stolen the yacht from which Labonte was reportedly rescued, while one local resident reportedly revealed that he had taken Labonte fishing shortly before the fish incident.

Labonte was subsequently arrested by authorities in the area.

 “It’s been a really odd 48 hours,” Astoria Police Chief Stacy Kelly told media.

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