Lincoln Project disavows Ben Howe after vulgar tweets come to light

The tweets used crude slang terms referring to women.

Man on his phone in India in 2018
Man on his phone in India in 2018
(DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP via Getty Images)
Updated: July 14, 2020 - 7:45pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

The Lincoln Project, a group that has produced anti-Trump advertisements, said in response to questions about old tweets posted by Ben Howe that Howe is no longer connected with the organization. A recent Vanity Fair article about Howe characterized him as "the creative mind, video editor, and, he said, sometimes narrating voice on many of the group’s ads."

A story published by the Washington Post and written by Amanda Becker of The 19th reported that The 19th contacted the Lincoln Project about Twitter posts in which Howe used vulgar terminology to describe people. 

“Based on these unacceptable and offensive posts, and those that came to light last week, Ben Howe is no longer affiliated with the Lincoln Project, effective immediately,” Lincoln Project spokesman Keith Edwards said in a statement, according to Becker's article.

The article noted that the Daily Dot last week highlighted tweets reported by Talking Points Memo in 2014, in which Howe discussed police officer Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

On 2018 Howe tweeted without asterisks: "I want to be a feminist but every time I call someone a c*** I get yelled at." 

"Some people just need a tap on the shoulder to change. Others need a slap in the face. Me? I’ve often needed a piano dropped on my head," Howe said in a statement Becker quoted. "The piano fell years ago, but I suppose I’m still crawling out from under the wreckage in some ways. I’m better than I’ve been. And I intend to be better than I am.”

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