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Hollywood stars douse riots with digital gasoline

Celebrities rushed to Twitter to share their views on the protests, some cheering on the rioters in no uncertain terms.

Published: June 1, 2020 9:38pm

Updated: June 2, 2020 1:00pm

Some Hollywood stars aren’t trying to stop the riots raging nationwide. They’re dousing them with digital gasoline.

Minnesota resident George Floyd’s May 25 death at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin set off riots in the Twin Cities that quickly expanded to other metropolitan areas. Many protests turned violent, setting police cars, fast food restaurants, banks and more ablaze.

Celebrities rushed to Twitter to share their views on the protests, some cheering on the rioters in no uncertain terms.

Actor John Cusack, best known for his ’80s teen films like “Say Anything,” wants the riots to continue until President Donald Trump departs as former President Richard M. Nixon once did.

“I hope this keeps up till trump flys away in a f***ing helicopter- it’s time -people should NOT swallow another moment of fascism … Fight till he’s gone,” Cusack Tweeted, a message shared by “Babe” actor James Cromwell.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore said we should “demolish” the Minneapolis police station to make amends for racial injustices.

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah defended the violence ravaging the country on his Comedy Central show.

“While everyone is facing the battle against coronavirus, black people in America are still facing the battle against racism … and coronavirus,” he said, adding America shattered the “social contract” the country forced black Americans to sign.

“Try to imagine how it must feel for black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day,” he said. “Because that’s fundamentally what’s happening in America. Police in America are looting black bodies.”

Director Joss Whedon of “Avengers” fame shared his support for the protests, including a tweet with the hashtags #CopsAreTerrorists. The director quickly removed the tweet and reshared the same tweet without that hashtag.

Rapper/actor Ice Cube shared an incendiary image of a black figure stomping on a white one via his Twitter feed.

Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon didn’t demand more riots. She merely suggested police departments nationwide be stripped of their funding.

The stars of Netflix’s new comedy “Space Force” took more direct action. Steve Carell and Ben Schwartz both donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. The group pays the bail money for low-income people arrested during the protests. Chrissy Teigen, Patton Oswalt, Janelle Monae and Seth Rogen also contributed to the fund.

Other celebrity voices shared more caution. Rapper Lil’ Wayne asked protesters to educate themselves and avoid painting villains with a broad brush.

“I think when we see these situations, I think we also have to understand that we have to get very specific … we have to get so specific and what I mean by that, we have to stop viewing it from such a broad view, meaning we have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody of a certain race or everybody with a badge,” Lil Wayne said during a conversation with rapper Fat Joe on Instagram Live. 

Former “Saturday Night Live” player Leslie Jones shared a video of her eschewing violence while demanding change.

“… to change the system, we have to fucking vote … You want to burn down buildings? Burn down this f***ing Constitution. And we do that by f***ing lifting our voice, by f***ing voting… That’s how we really show them.”

Media mogul Tyler Perry of Madea fame pleaded for peace via his Facebook page, saying “Looting is not the answer!”

“There are people and other countries who are posting things pretending to be US,” Perry continued, “pretending to stand for peaceful protest, but they are trying to incite us into violence and chaos to try and do more harm!! Do not fall for this foolishness!!! Please stop the violence!” 

“Call Me By Your Name” star Armie Hammer didn’t take a stand on the protests veering into violence. He took aim at police officers nationwide via his Twitter account.

“Anyone who doesn’t think the current iteration of law enforcement isn’t inherently racist, or doesn’t understand why black people are disproportionately targeted, assaulted, and killed should look up the history of the word patrolman/pattyroller. This s*** isn’t new.”

Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, called for peace this week as the protests showed little sign of stopping.



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