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Democrat Rep Nadler: 'facts do not justify the fears' of transgender youths in girls' sports

Nadler's comments were made during a hearing on the dangers of "gender-affirming care."

Published: July 27, 2023 11:45am

Updated: July 27, 2023 12:31pm

New York Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler gave his support Thursday for athletes born as males and identifying as transgenders to compete in women's sports, claiming there are no "facts" to suggest issues in doing so.

"Undoubtedly, transgender youth participation in sports will be discussed, because Republicans think it is a winning political talking point," Nadler said during a House hearing. "But the facts do not justify the fears that Republicans and their political allies gin up over the fairness of trans girls participating in girls athletic teams, nor the further stigma that attaches to transgender children."

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Critics of athletes born as males and competing in women's sports argue they physically dominate competition.

Four witnesses testified at the hearing including Paula Scanlan, a former teammate of transgender college swimmer Lia Thomas.

Scanlan said all of the biological females on Thomas' team were "forced to undress in the presence of Lia, a 6'4" tall biological male" and had to do so "18 times per week."

Just the News called the University of Pennsylvania, where Thomas was a swimmer, to response to the locker room allegation, which has been frequently made. 

Another witness was Chloe Cole, who underwent gender transition procedures as a young teen, then "de-transitioned." 

Cole said having taken puberty blockers at 13 resulted in "lifelong, irreversible harm." She also had a double mastectomy at 15, and realized it was all a mistake roughly a year later.

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