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Seattle had over 23% more shooting deaths in 2022

Seattle Police Department is set to see its budget increase from $355 million in 2022 to $370 million in 2023

Published: December 30, 2022 3:22pm

Updated: December 30, 2022 11:47pm

(The Center Square) -

Seattle witnessed over 23% more shooting deaths this year, up from 2021 fatality numbers.

The latest shooting statistics from the Seattle Police Department crime dashboard shows that from January through Nov. 30, there were 38 shooting deaths in the city. There were 31 shooting deaths in all of 2021.

Bitterlake, Northgate and the Chinatown International District were the areas with the highest number of shooting deaths. Chinatown had the highest number of cases this year with seven shooting deaths through November. Followed by Bitterlake and Northgate with five cases.

All together there were 689 cases of shooting deaths, non-fatal shootings and reported shots fired in 2022. All of 2021 saw 562.

There were 151 non-fatal shootings through November this year. In 2021, there were 126 cases. Chinatown had the highest number of non-fatal shootings with 29 cases. Followed by the Downtown Commercial area with 21 cases and Northgate with 19.

The Brighton/Dunlap neighborhood saw 85 shots fired. That is the highest number out of all Seattle districts this year. Chinatown ranks second with 72 shots fired. The Northgate area follows up with 70 shots fired through November.

The Chinatown International District has seen a prominent increase in shootings and crime in general this year. Out of the 189 cases of fatal and non-fatal shootings, the district’s 23 cases make up 12% of the city’s total number. That is the highest amongst all other Seattle districts.

The Seattle Police Department is set to see its budget increase from $355 million in 2022 to $370 million in 2023. The city is focusing on improving the number of officers within the department to increase law enforcement presence throughout the city.

The Center Square previously reported that over 400 officers have left the police department or retired since 2020.

The police department also expects to lose another 105 officers in that time. The adopted city budget provides more than $4 million for the department’s hiring and retention program.

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