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Musk says Twitter's new 'Verified' service launching next week

Feature's initial rollout had been rocky.

November 25, 2022 11:48am

Updated: November 25, 2022 12:00pm

Elon Musk said Twitter is likely launching its new "Verified" tier next week, with the magnate laying out a tentative launch date as well as a list of offerings of the new service. 

Historically, "verification" on Twitter—in the form of a blue checkmark next to a user's name—was reserved mostly for top-tier accounts of celebrities, commentators and media/business fronts; the designation was meant to ensure that users would recognize an "official" account from spam or parody ones. 

In his new role at Twitter CEO, Musk quickly dismantled that system, replacing it with a paid verification system that offered "verified" checkmarks and some premium benefits to those who shell out $8 per month. Yet the rollout of the new system earlier this month was quickly beset by tech and logistical problems, leading to its temporary suspension. 

Early on Friday Musk on Twitter responded to one user's query by saying that the company was "tentatively launching Verified on Friday next week."

In contrast to the universal blue checkmark of the old system, Musk said the new verification would incorporate a "gold check for companies, grey check for government, [and] blue for individuals (celebrity or not)." All verified accounts "will be manually authenticated before check activates," he said. 

In a subsequent tweet Musk said that verified individuals "can have [a] secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an [organization] if verified as such by that org."

The company had earlier reversed the initial verified rollout after a number of problems, including individuals impersonating major companies using the new checkmark system.

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