Bauer and Rose: Are we the turkey being fattened up for the Thanksgiving table?

American Flag

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, reflecting on the bravery and sacrifice of the young soldiers who fought to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny. They delve into the historical significance of the Allied invasion and discuss the monumental effort of a nation that mobilized millions to defeat one of history's most evil regimes.

The conversation transitions to a critical analysis of America's current state, contrasting the unity and resolve of the WWII era with today's divided and weakened society. Tom and Gary explore the erosion of patriotism and the rise of narcissism and grievance culture, emphasizing the need for a return to courage and heroism to face modern threats.

They also address the current geopolitical landscape, highlighting the dangers posed by China and the inadequacies of America's industrial and military preparedness. The discussion touches on the Republican Party's role in national defense, the challenges of maintaining global commitments, and the internal threats to constitutional liberties posed by government overreach.

Gary and Tom critique the failures of both political parties over the decades, particularly the Republican Party's past policies that prioritized free market efficiency over national security, leading to the outsourcing of critical industries. They stress the importance of rebuilding America's industrial base and the necessity of strong leadership to navigate the complex global challenges ahead.

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