Bauer and Rose: A DOUBLE PERFECT STORM- Biden being covered up in direct proportion to Trump being being harassed

On this episode, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose proclaim that America is facing a storm on different fronts, with law enforcement being deployed to influence the 2024 election. They are protecting the incumbent Joe Biden, and trying to destroy the potential challenger, Donald Trump. If the Republicans don't stand up to this, we will have a repeat of the disappointment of 2020 and 2022. Why are GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell silent? Also, Tom and Gary talk about a GOP candidate who is hated nearly as much as Donald Trump who is only at 1% in the polls, yet appears on every mainstream media show to bash Trump. What "Political correctness" really means. Later, the double standard Jason Aldean is facing with his latest song "Try That in a Small Town", being accused of promoting violence and racism, yet rap artists face none of the same type of criticism.  

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