Bauer and Rose: The more Democrats do to destroy Democracy, the more they accuse Trump of destroying Democracy

Donald Trump

On this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose dive into the latest political developments and controversies. They start with a critical examination of Nikki Haley's recent endorsement of Donald Trump, questioning its significance and the reactions from the "Never Trumpers." The discussion shifts to the broader implications of foreign policy, particularly the ongoing war in Ukraine. Bauer and Rose critique the Biden administration's lack of a coherent strategy and its reluctance to commit to clear objectives, drawing historical parallels and emphasizing the need for a decisive approach.

Later, they explore the internal dynamics of the Republican Party, highlighting the tension between interventionist and non-interventionist factions. They discuss the challenges of maintaining a strong national defense in the face of economic constraints and the erosion of America's manufacturing base. The conversation touches on the media's role in shaping public perception and the strategic missteps that have led to the current geopolitical landscape.

Furthermore, Bauer and Rose delve into the judicial and political battles surrounding former President Trump, scrutinizing the integrity of the legal processes and the potential for political weaponization. They express concerns about the erosion of civil liberties and the increasing power of government agencies, drawing attention to the need for vigilance and accountability.

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