Bauer and Rose: Project Fear: Democrats election strategy is to terrify the voters

Wisconsin early voting

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose tackle the pressing issues surrounding the Biden administration's latest executive order, which provides a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants married to American citizens. They delve into the implications of this move, highlighting the potential for mass amnesty and the Democrats' desperate bid for new voters.

The conversation shifts to a sobering discussion on voter registration and election integrity, sparked by a New York Post piece revealing that migrants signing up for federal benefits are automatically sent voter registration forms without proof of citizenship. Gary and Tom express their concerns about the potential for widespread voter fraud and the Democrats' efforts to secure permanent control through these means.

They also explore the recent special elections and the discrepancies between polling predictions and actual outcomes, emphasizing the importance of voter turnout and the challenges Republicans face in mobilizing their base. The hosts critique the Republican Party's complacency and the systemic issues that hinder fair elections.

Gary and Tom touch on the broader implications of these political maneuvers, including the weaponization of federal agencies and the erosion of constitutional liberties. They discuss the resistance within the federal government to a potential second Trump administration and the media's role in perpetuating fear and misinformation.

Finally, Gary and Tom conclude with a reflection on the cultural and societal challenges facing America, from the influence of woke ideology to the threats posed by external adversaries. They stress the need for strong leadership and a unified effort to defend the values that underpin Western civilization.

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