Bauer and Rose: The Trump Verdict: Make America Pakistan

Donald Trump UFC, March 9, 2024, Miami, Fla.

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose react to the aftermath of Thursday's jury verdict. Tom dives deep into the implications of the recent judicial decisions, expressing concerns over the erosion of the rule of law and its impact on American society, particularly the Jewish community. He draws parallels between historical persecution and current political events, emphasizing the potential dangers of political power being used to imprison opposition figures.

The discussion broadens to include the Biden administration's policies, particularly its stance on Israel and the rising anti-Semitism on college campuses. Tom critiques the administration's handling of foreign and domestic issues, highlighting the increasing anti-Israel sentiment and the perceived bias in judicial processes. The conversation also touches on the broader implications for American democracy and the potential consequences of the current political climate.

Later, the episode explores the media's role in shaping public perception, criticizing the Wall Street Journal's coverage of the recent verdict and the broader media narrative surrounding former President Trump. The hosts discuss the grassroots reaction to the verdict, noting the significant financial support for Trump's campaign and the growing discontent among his supporters.

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