Bauer and Rose: The untold consequences of a Biden Re-election

President Joe Biden

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Tom Rose takes the helm solo to dissect the escalating panic within the Democrat, deep state, big media, big tech, and Hollywood circles. Drawing parallels to the Brexit campaign's "Project Fear," Tom explores how similar tactics are being used in the U.S. to undermine Donald Trump and instill fear about his potential return to power.

Tom delves into the psychology behind the left's fear that Trump might retaliate by doing to them what they've done to him. He emphasizes the importance of voter turnout over polling numbers and warns against complacency among Republican and conservative voters. The discussion shifts to the potential dangers of a second Biden term, including a nuclear Iran, a conflict over Taiwan, higher taxes, more federal regulations, energy poverty, and increased censorship.

Tom passionately outlines the stakes of the upcoming election, cautioning against the expansion of the administrative state, the weaponization of the justice system, and the erosion of constitutional liberties. He stresses the need for strong leadership and the importance of fighting for the values that underpin American democracy.

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