Bauer and Rose: We Need New Conspiracy Theories, Because All Our Old Ones Have Become Reality

Trump and Biden

In this episode of The Bauer and Rose Podcast, Gary Bauer and Tom Rose dive into the latest in political and judicial controversies. They begin by discussing the resumed jury deliberations in the Trump case, highlighting the stark contrast between Republican and Democratic attitudes toward impartiality and bias. The conversation shifts to the broader implications of the trial, emphasizing how the prosecution of Trump is not just an attack on him but on the millions of Americans who support him and oppose the globalization and deconstruction of America.

Also, Gary and Tom critique the Republican leadership's silence and inaction, comparing it to the hypothetical scenario of Democrats rallying behind a prosecuted Joe Biden. They explore the potential consequences of a guilty verdict for Trump, including its impact on the upcoming election and the media's portrayal of him as a convicted felon.

Later, Tom and Gary delve into the Biden administration's foreign policy, particularly its dealings with Iran and Ukraine. They criticize the administration's reluctance to confront Iran's nuclear ambitions and draw parallels to historical conflicts, questioning the effectiveness of America's current military strategies.

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