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Bauer and Rose: Hamas might be losing war in Gaza but they are winning war for Democrat party!


On this episode, join Gary Bauer and Tom Rose as they tackle the explosive testimonies from the Biden corruption hearings. They unpack the growing "Hamas caucus" within the US Senate, a troubling sign of the shifting political tides that seem to favor those who oppose Israel's right to exist.

The duo dives deep into the hypocrisy of the left, exposing how figures like Donald Trump are wrongfully labeled as anti-Semitic, despite their unwavering support for Jewish people and Israel. They dissect the alarming class divide in American politics, revealing how the nation's wealthiest zip codes skew Democrat, and how the party's policies increasingly alienate the working class.

Gary and Tom shine a light on the unsung heroes, the "Christian cowboys," who have traveled to Israel to support the nation in its hour of need. They also discuss the dangerous narratives pushed by the left, which paint allies like Hungary as enemies, while the true adversaries of freedom and democracy are given a pass.

Later, they explore the potential financial future of Donald Trump's Truth Social venture, discuss the implications of the unprecedented civil judgment against him, and call for conservative billionaires to step up in the face of injustice. This is a must-listen for anyone concerned about the direction of American politics, the survival of Israel, and the battle for truth in an age of deception.

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