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Alan Dershowitz: ‘Identity politics’ is infiltrating the ‘Justice System’

Kyle Rittenhouse pulls numbers of jurors out of a tumbler during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse

Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor and Attorney, discusses ‘identity politics’ in the ‘justice system’, something that he sees is becoming ‘much more responsive’ due ‘to critical race theory’. Dershowitz comments that in the current climate in America, ‘everything is about race or politics, ’the justice system has stopped being about’ if a ‘particular person is innocent or guilty’. Rather, ‘people today are rooting, cheering for verdicts, they want verdicts to reflect their narrative.’ ‘They want verdicts to prove their way of looking at the world’. Commenting that ‘trials and justice has ceased to be about individual justice, they're now about identity politics’.

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