Chairman Michael Whaley on aftermath of Trump New York conviction: RNC raised $420M in 2 weeks, unlike anything ‘seen before’


Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Whaley shares the legal victories the RNC has achieved this week in defending election integrity for voters, the current state of the 2024 election with focus on the Republican Party unifying, and that since Trump conviction in New York the RNC raised “$420 million dollars,” “it is something we have never seen before.” Saying the RNC is “shattering all-time records” in fundraising. “In the month of May, we had 2 million individual donors, 30% of them had never given $1 to a political candidate before. It is truly remarkable. We have never seen people vote with their wallets the way that they are voting right now. And every single one of those people, whether they gave $1, or they gave $25, or $50, they're not just going to vote for the president, they're gonna go talk to their family members, they're going to talk to their friends, they're going to talk to their colleagues and their co workers, and they're going to become ambassadors for Donald Trump.” Additional interviews for Part 2 of Just the News Special Report: Conservative groups forge early voting coalition built around new unity pledge, guest lineup Moms for America's Tiffany Justice, and America First Policy Institute Chief Engagement Officer Ashley Hayek.  


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