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Durham Clinton findings, FBI corruption, time to rethink structure of FBI, “insulate from the political process” says Whitewater Independent Counsel Ray 

John Durham

Robert Ray, former Independent Counsel for the Whitewater Investigations, discusses the Durham findings and comments on the politicization of the FBI, saying that when “you concentrate that amount of power in one person or a group of people, at that level, you better watch out and you better keep an eye on it, because all kinds of, you know, potential trouble is afoot.” He goes on to discuss that interference of this kind, is troubling for the United States bi-partisan efforts, that this “sort of conduct is a direct interference with the merits of investigatory activity, and it has repercussions that we've seen…it altered the presidential campaign and it continued on into the end of the Trump administration, all the way into a second campaign.” Robert comments that with such severe repercussions, it so important that the FBI is kept “away from the political process”, commenting that “an FBI that is left to its own devices can do some pretty dangerous things”. 

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