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Ex-DEA Special Ops Head raises alarm on role China, their criminal networks are playing to fuel drug crisis in America

Xi Jinping, Beijing, China, Oct. 23, 2022

Former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Operations Director Derek Maltz Sr., raises the alarm on the role that China and their criminal networks are actively playing in fueling the drug crisis, in effort to destabilize the United States.  FBI Director Chris Wray has expressed that the “greatest long term threat to [the United States] National Security is posed by the Chinese Communist government,” Maltz says that the CCP is using the illegal immigration avenue and sending “military age men” illegally over the Southern border, with “24,000 Chinese nationals” being apprehended in fiscal year 2023. Maltz explains that these Chinese nationals “are going into these different cities, they’re setting up not just marijuana grow operations, but counterintelligence operations, but the worst part is all over America every day, Chinese nationals are picking up large sums of cash from Mexican cartel operatives, and the cash is being turned over to Chinese businessman who are using the cash to launder money for the cartels seamlessly, to use that to buy real estate property, invest in different operations like the [marijuana] grow operations, so it’s a disaster at many levels, and it’s well beyond the drug crisis.”

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