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Ex-federal prosecutor on Hunter Biden case: 'It shouldn’t take this long'

Hunter Biden with father Joe Biden
David X. Sullivan, former Assistant United States Attorney discusses whistleblowers accusing the DOJ and FBI of political bias, the looming indictment of Hunter Biden and why it has been years in the making. The former federal prosecutor comments on the apparent dual-system of justice in the FBI and Department of Justice right now saying, "Republicans definitely seem to be more aggressively pursued by law enforcement and by the Department of Justice,” saying, that it will be "very interesting" to watch what will happen, "with Hunter Biden.” Commenting that after two years of the discovery and verification of Hunter Biden’s laptop, nothing has really been done on the matter. Sullivan comments, that when there’s evidence that is compelling, “its warrants an investigation”. Saying he believes it is time to consider "the appointment of a special counsel or special prosecutor to look at dispassionately all of this evidence.” Saying, that this has to be "about zealously going and doing your job dispassionately, not with an outcome determinative, not with a political agenda to promote, but that it is what the American people deserve, and that's what we should demand.” Sullivan comments that while money laundering and tax cases can be a lot of time, for the Hunter Biden case, "it shouldn't take this long."

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