Fmr. Margaret Thatcher Advisor: Biden acting more like a Leader of EU than ‘Leader of the Free World’ 

President Joe Biden shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nile Gardiner, former foreign policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher discusses the responses of the world leaders since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling President Biden’s approach to dealing with Putin, “dangerous”. Gardiner comments that the Biden Administration is “actively partnering with the Russians on the Iran nuclear deal trying to get a new deal with Iran”, saying, this is an “appeasement mindset”, as they are nervous about doing anything that will lead to “escalating the crisis with the Russians and so they want to avoid anything that the Putin would deem to be a hostile act.” The foreign policy expert comments that this whole approach is “completely muddled”, and “we're dealing with European Union style bureaucrats who think like the French and the Germans do, and this is dangerous if you're if you're leading the free world”.

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