Ex-CDC director sidelined over lab leak theory: Always told Fauci don’t filter info, just ‘tell public the truth’

Redfield, Fauci sworn in

Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC Director during the COVID-19 Pandemic joins the show to discuss what we got right and what we got wrong during the pandemic, biosecurity, and how the U.S. should move away from widespread vaccinations. The Doctor comments that he “always said to Fauci, the way to approach this is just tell the truth. Tell the American public the truth, don't try to filter the information to what you think they need to hear to do, what you want them to do.” He says he was “always very much against mandates.” Saying, “I don't think you mandate people to do something. When you mandate people to do something they don't want to do, what you do is reinforce their decision not to do it. So there are a lot of mistakes.” The former director said one of the biggest mistakes of the time was, “the lack of honest open debate.” Commenting, that “the fact that people like me for suggesting what I believe to be true, and I argued aggressively in the White House Taskforce, Back in January, February, and March, that I really did believe as a virologist that this virus was most likely to be a leak from from a laboratory in the Wuhan area, and that I didn't think it was consistent with the spillover event for a variety of different reasons.” He said he was sidelined and the lab leak theory “was immediately squelched.” Doctor Redfield saying for even suggesting that the virus might have come from the Wuhan Lab, he was “accused by newspapers of being an Asian racist,” and received hate mail from internationally acclaimed scientists in the National Academy that he “could do the world a favor by jumping off a bridge, just because they didn't want to have this discussion.”

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