Gingrich predicts ‘great revolution’ in voters, working class will soon become Republican

Newt Gingrich predicts a "great revolution" of American voters, as Americans who did not go to a four-year college, are "increasingly likely to be Republican.” The former Speaker of the House comments that, "two out of three Americans may have gone to either vocational school or junior college and high school but they didn't go to a four-year college.” Gingrich saying, that overtime, that two-thirds of the country will increasingly become Republican voters, leaving Democrats with "only the one-third that went to a four-year college.” Saying that, “oddly, that makes Republicans, the mirror image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's great majority,” of the mid-1930’s that flipped the voting demographics of Republicans and Democrats. Gingrich says, that as this "seeps into Latino communities, Asian American communities, Native Americans and African Americans, you see all of a sudden a Democratic Party," with a smaller voter base. The author behind the Contract With America compares this to Florida when he was a child, which had around "1,200,000 democratic registration advantage,” that now, "this year, for the first time, Florida now has a Republican registration majority."