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House Freedom Caucus’ Scott Perry calls on Gaetz to hold ousting Speaker McCarthy until after budget passed

Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.)

Congressman Scott Perry calls on Congressman Matt Gaetz to hold his motion to vacate vote until after the House has passed the 12 spending bills necessary to fund the government for next year. The leader of the House Freedom Caucus says while he shares Gaetz’ sentiments that Speaker McCarthy “failed” to honor his commitments that he made to the caucus when he was elected Speaker of the House back in January promising that 12 spending bills would be voted on the floor of Congress before the deadline, would’ve been the first since 1996, now is not the time to oust him. Saying, “while the Speaker deserves the ire and the accountability that comes with these failures, the timing of this is as important as anything else. [the Freedom Caucus] fought to get these 12 spending bills through so the American can people can see what their money is being spent on and who's voted for it or against it. If there is no speaker, all that stops, all that stuff. We have 45 days to try and get this accomplished now, and I just don't think it's optimal that we spend that 45 days fighting amongst ourselves and at the end of it still end up with nothing. You can get zero wins for the American people. If you do that, now they want new they might want. And they probably do want new management in the House of Representatives. But even under new management, within 45 days, we're not going to have the task completed. And the new management is going to do the same thing as the old management did.” Perry says an importance distinction for why government shutdowns happen only when Republicans are in charge than Democrats is because “when Democrats are in charge, there will never be a shutdown because Democrats never argue over how much money to save, or how many programs we don't need. Democrats always agree on spending more. The question is how much more, it's never any less. When Republicans are in charge, there’s always some component that say, we're not going to vote to bankrupt the country or spending too much of the taxpayers money, we got to get a handle on it and that's why it only happens when Republicans are in charge.”

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