John Bolton says Biden weakness threatens American lives and all out regional war as Iran looks to take advantage

Israel soldiers, Sderot, Israel, Oct. 28, 2023

Ambassador John Bolton discusses Israel-Hamas war and President Joe Biden’s weakness on holding Iran accountable will mean loss of American lives. The former U.S. National Security adviser says even after Iran actions against U.S. troops and bases within the last few weeks, Biden has continued to coddle the regime, that “Iran has enormous ambitions in the region they want to dominate geographically, politically, religiously, in the Middle East. They want to eliminate the ‘little Satan’, Israel, they want to harm ‘the great Satan,’ the United States. And their proxies, the the Shia militia in Iraq, Hezbollah in Syria against American positions there, and terrorist acts all over the region, these are all directed by Iran. And Biden has said he's not going to tolerate attacks on Americans, but we are tolerating them.” Saying, “Fortunately, to date, there hasn't been a real serious mass casualty event, but it could happen at any point. And the fact is, Iran is not deterred by Joe Biden, he can bring to carrier battle groups, he can bring a ballistic nuclear submarine into the eastern Mediterranean, the Iranians don't think he's going to do anything. So Americans, not just our military, but our civilian personnel, private citizens, missionaries, are all at risk all around the region, because the Iranian leadership doesn't fear Biden.”  Bolton remarks, “things are really moving here at a pace I don't think the administration understands.”

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