Kash Patel: DOJ ‘intentionally’ left my name unredacted to 'threaten me,' politicalize Trump affidavit

Kash Patel reacts to the news that his name was left unredacted in the Trump affidavit late last week leading to a firestorm of questions surrounding the reasoning of this decision by the FBI and Department of Justice. The former National Security Prosecutor remarks that the departments, "intentionally decided to politicize this affidavit for many reasons. But one, which I wasn't even expecting them to do was put my name out there, it added absolutely no value and violated every procedure at the Department of Justice in relation to protecting parties and people's names." Patel goes on to say that under the normal procedures, they could have easily left it redacted like the rest of the names, but chose "for a political effect, because they wanted to try to silence me and President Trump and everybody else, and get the mainstream media to threaten me, which it has done."