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Miami GOP Rep. slams Biden for affronting generations of Cuban-Americans by negotiating 'with the devil,' Marxist Cuba


Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) trended last week for her comments confronting the Biden Administration and Democrats for propagating open border policy, saying that, “Latinos do not want open borders”. Her comments come in light of a recent poll showing that Biden’s approval amongst Latinos was at shocking, 26%. Salazar comments that Democrats misunderstand and have historical used Latino voters, and Biden’s recent negotiations with the “Marxist Cuban regime”, is not only “not going to make the Cubans behave better with the Cuban people”, but is only a plot to “extract more concessions”, so that “they can stay in power longer”. The Miami Congresswoman says that her “big fight” is against the “Neo-Marxist, saying, “we always have to go back to Obama, because Obama was the one who proved that my mother and my ancestors were right when they said you cannot negotiate with that devil.”

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