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NC Lt. Gov. describes how media ‘twisted’ his ‘filth’ comment on textbooks

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson (R), the first African-American Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, discusses the uproar that occurred earlier this week in response to his use of the word ‘filth’, in describing textbooks that are being taught in public school health classes. Commenting on the uproar, the Lieutenant Governor said that these types of reactions are something ‘he expected coming in’, commenting that when ‘you say things that are truthful’, that people don’t like, ‘they are going to take your words’ and ‘twist them for their own purposes.’ The Lieutenant Governor goes on to describe the materials that are being used in elementary schools to educate children on sex education and the LGBTQ community, something that he describes as ‘introducing pornography into the classroom’ and failing at the most ‘basic level of education’.

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