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Rep. Grothman on Biden losing 85,000 migrant kids: If Americans, we’d call the parents, ‘if it’s immigrant children, we don't care’

Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman says the most ‘underreported story’ of the Biden administration is the losing of the 85,000 unaccompanied migrant children who came across the southern border and authorities completely losing track of them. Grothman says that this treatment of immigration children is a complete double standard compared to what the administration would do for American children. Saying, “every month 8000-9000 children come across the southern border and they’re unaccompanied, no adult there. There are others who come across the southern border, and they claim to be with an uncle or grandma or something, and you do the DNA tests and it turns out, they're not. Now sadly, recently, the Biden administration stopped [this policy], which is a big mistake. But in any event, after [the children] come here, we have to set them up with a sponsor. But it turns out that we do not keep track of what becomes of these kids three months, four months later, and tens of thousands, we don't know where they are. Are they being human trafficked? Are they working jobs illegally?” Grothman held a special committee hearing on this this topic of missing children and interviewed the Secretary of Labor and asked said, What does [the agency] do when “you find a child working third shift in a factory? Do you contact the parents? [The Secretary said,] ‘It wouldn't occur to us to contact the parents’. I mean, if it was an American child, and you found somebody working 2 A.M. in a factory, what would you do? Call the parents and say what's going on? When it comes to the immigrant children? We don't care.” And as the result, we’ll have human trafficking, will the children ever see their parents again, we don't know.” Grothman says that this is “particularly irritating. Because four years ago under President Trump, when kids were kept maybe apart from their parents for one or two weeks, it was like, ‘Oh, my goodness’. And as they're being separated, everyone was worried. Now they come across the border, may never see their parents again, and nobody cares. But it is an underreported story and I wish the mainstream media would pick up on it.”

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