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Rep. Ralph Norman on $100M Gaza aid: Biden ‘tone deaf’ to reports of rampant misuse of US aid helping Taliban, Hamas

Hamas, March 10, 2023, Gaza Strip

South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman discusses first weeks of Speaker Mike Johnson’s speakership and recent reports of U.S. humanitarian aid in Afghanistan funding terrorist organizations like the Taliban sparking fears by U.S. agencies that Gaza aid will be siphoned off to help Hamas. Norman comments, there has to be a “willingness to put guardrails to prevent that, the Biden administration last month announced $100 million in so called humanitarian aid. The office of Inspector General, the US Agency for International Development has warned that there's been a misuse of funds and why would you why would you keep doing the same thing expecting different results. And even the United States Relief and Works Agency said that Hamas has used schools as Rocket depot and funneled money to their group and this administration is tone deaf to it. But, it goes with the $6 billion that he wanted to give to Iran. I mean, you can't believe this, but this administration is doing it.”