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Rep. Scott Perry: Hunter Biden using last name, access to make indictments go away for money ‘a crime,’ implicates his Father


Freedom Caucus Rep. Scott Perry hits back at Biden defenders over claims of ‘lack of evidence’ linking Hunter Biden schemes and Joe Biden. “Hunter Biden, of course, had no ability, no authority, he had no way of making anything go away, right. He's not elected to anything. He's not appointed to anything, not in a position of authority. The only way that that could be done was by having his father or somebody he knew, based on his last name and access, do it. And if he's taking money to do that, for the Biden family understand under 18 USC 201. That is a crime, this is a crime. They keep on saying this doesn't have anything to do with Joe Biden, the President or criminal activity. That was what Hunter Biden was providing, that’s the point he was providing it, which is a criminal act. And the fact that Joe Biden would be involved implicates him in the crime,” says Perry. 

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