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Sen. Blackburn raises alarm on Biden ending DNA tests at border: ‘1/3 of children’ trafficked by adults unrelated to them

U.S. Border Patrol in Roma, Tex., Aug. 14

Senator Marsha Blackburn takes aim at the Biden administration’s ending of its’ policy of DNA testing children and the adult they were traveling with, across the southern border. The U.S. Senator for Tennessee says this is “so vitally important, what we found out when we did DNA testing at the border, and Joe Biden ended this saying, ‘well, it slowed down the process,’ and ‘it took too long,’ it takes only 45 minutes to do a DNA test. And doing that test, we learned that a third of the children who were being trafficked, they were not with an adult who was related to them.” Remarking, “think about that number, a third of the children with an adult that they probably don't know, but they're being sent with that adult or they’re children that are being recycled, this is a horrific process and that the cartels use and they are children that they take from families, and they will send this child repeatedly to the southern border, when the child gets to the border, the adult is processed and sent in and the child gets sent back to their family and then the cartel takes them again. And they recycle them, they send them through with another group of adults claiming to be a family. And then once the child is separated, they send that child back and Border Patrol will tell you they've seen some children come through eight and nine times with different people, so this is a very abusive process.” Senator Blackburn says her new bill, will “fingerprint these children, it allows Border Patrol to fingerprint them, will help cut this out, because the cartels will know the rules of the game have changed, and that they're going to have to go through DNA testing  and then they're going to be separated and these individuals [who they are trying to sneak through with the children] will be removed and disallowed entrance back into the country.”

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