In show of bipartisan support: Rep. Austin Scott backs Pelosi, 'China doesn’t get to tell us’ where we can or can't fly

Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) discusses the ‘double standard’ of woke corporate America and the Chinese Comminist Party telling the United States House of Representatives not to go to Taiwan. Scott remarks on the frustration he and other members of Congress on “both sides of aisle” have about the double standard of woke corporations, who pride themslves on these high environmental and human rights standards, until they leave America. Scott commenting, if corporations are going to pride themselves on these standards, "it can't be just for what those companies are doing inside the United States of America. You can't give them a gold star for what they're doing in America, if they're turning around going to China, and ignoring the environment altogether and ignoring human rights altogether.” The Georgia Congressman, also offers his bipartisan support in favor of Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, saying, "China does not get to tell the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, where they can and cannot fly, unless it is inside the territory of Communist China.” Saying, the United States “does not have to have permission from China to go anywhere else, and the fact that they think we do, so simply tells you how aggressive they are with regard to their attempt to manipulate and dominate the world."