Ex-Homeland Secretary breaks down Trump’s call for mass deportations and the immense amount of logistics that will go into it

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

Former DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf breaks down the logistical likelihood of carrying out former President Donald Trump’s campaign pledge to mass deport illegal immigrants. “There are things that you can do and you can do them more extensively than what’s been done. The Biden administration, at the same time they’ve had historic highs of apprehensions, they’ve had historic lows of removals from the interior of the country," he says. Additional interviews with Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman, National Religious Broadcasters CEO Troy Miller, and CCA Action Fund Spokesperson Pastor Marc Little.  To see the daily show, go to americasvoice.news each Monday through Friday at 6pm Eastern or watch any time at JustTheViews.com

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