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Texas AG Ken Paxton: Our Constitution 'becomes meaningless' when federal government allowed to censor Americans

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explains why it was important for his state to join conservative media outlets in a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department for allegedly facilitating and funding unconstitutional censorship. “The federal government has an obligation to defend the Constitution. In this case, they’re doing just the opposite. They’re actually censoring, a violation of the First Amendment, individual speech,” Paxton says. “And if the federal government can do that, then our Constitution becomes meaningless.” Additional interviews this week with Virginia Congressman Ben Cline, Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftus, House GOP Candidate JR Majewski, and ‘Jingle Smells’ Executive Producer Logan Sekulow. To see the daily show, go to each Monday through Friday at 6pm Eastern or watch any time at

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