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Trump Foreign Policy Adviser Walid Phares warns that Hezbollah could activate sleepers cells in U.S.

Child on bike, Hamas, Gaza, May 22, 2021

Walid Phares, former Trump Foreign Policy adviser discusses Israel and the possibility of a larger war breaking out in the Middle East as Iran uses its proxies of Hamas and Hezbollah to fight against Israel. Phares says while all options are on the table, he is more concerned about build tension could cause Iran to activate its Hezbollah sleeper cells inside the United States. Saying, he believes this would happen if “Hezbollah feels that they're losing the battle and or if Iran feels that their strategic weaponry is out and they are open.” Commenting, the international community has to be ready “because the Iranians will go full fledge if they feel that on the ground they have not achieved their goals and that is what why the United States forces and the international community should be ready for whatever Iran has prepared in secret. It's not just the ballistic missiles, they may have something other than the ballistic missiles that they could use before they go down, like the Nazis have tried to do before they went down.”

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