Kash Patel offers Trump defense: He may have already ‘verbally’ declassified the documents

Kash Patel, former National Security Prosecutor, reacts to the FBI raid of President Trump’s home and offices at Mar-a-lago earlier this week and offers a defense that Trump could have ‘verbally declassified the documents’ while he was President. Patel comments, that the  the President by law is the ultimate arbiter, as a classification authority. If he says it, it's declassified. He doesn't need to go through the bureaucratic rigmarole, written down in appropriate style, that's not what the Constitution says.”  Commenting, that he recalls on number occasions, "not only did President do it by writing in October of 2020, he did it verbally, multiple times in the White House, whole sets of documents.”  Patel comments, that anyone who says that Trump needs the signature of the White House counsel or permission to declassify documents, “that’s a farce."