AG Barr supports chokehold ban for police

Barr also noted an exception for when "confronted with potentially lethal force" 

Updated: June 8, 2020 - 11:20pm

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Attorney General William Barr said Monday that he supports a ban on police practicing chokeholds except when they are performed as a matter of self-defense.

"I think we should ban chokeholds, lateral chokeholds," Barr told Fox News, noting an exception for when "confronted with potentially lethal force." 

"I think there's a general agreement among police agencies that we need clearer standards. We have to make sure those standards are trained to and we have to make sure that there are systems in place that hold officers accountable," Barr said. "I think there's universal agreement on that."

When asked if this would be a federal training endeavor, Barr indicated that he thought it would require "strong federal participation in this effort, in helping to set standards."

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