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Alan Dershowitz: I don't want to see bureaucrats deny me my right to vote against Trump

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz explains that Trump should have the right to run for president, and he should have the right to vote against him.

August 9, 2022 4:22pm

Updated: August 9, 2022 6:43pm

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz thinks that the purpose of the FBI raid against former President Trump is to get him disqualified from running in 2024. 

"I'm a liberal Democrat. I voted for Biden," Dershowitz explained on Just the News, Not Noise. "I'm not gonna vote for Trump if he runs for re-election. I want to have the right to vote against him. I don't want to see bureaucrats deny me that right to vote against him. That's what democracy is. And this is part of an attempt to try to get him disqualified from running."

Dershowitz also said that a vast amount of Americans want equal treatment and justice for politicians on both the left and right. 

"There's the vast majority of neutral Americans who want to see fair justice," Dershowitz said. "They don't want a different rule for Hillary Clinton and Sandy Berger on the one hand, and President Trump on the other hand. They want to see equal justice under the law."

Dershowitz then explained how what is happening to former President Trump is "selective justice." 

"It appears as if this is selective justice," Dershowitz concluded. Now the FBI may come in and say, "Oh, my God, you don't know the evidence we have. We had evidence that people were about to destroy the documents."

"Trump wasn't even there," Dershowitz continued. "How could he destroy the documents? All they had to do was subpoena and make them appear in court with the 15 boxes the next morning, even before Trump could get back."

Dershowitz described Trump's home being invaded as "McCarthyism from the left."

"And it's an attempt to undercut the Constitution," he added. "The Constitution has three criteria for running for office. You have to be born in the United States, you have to be 35 years old, and you can't have served in the Civil War in the South. Those are the three basic criteria. And the idea that you can disqualify somebody from running is just just wrong."

According to Democrat lawyer Marc Elias, if Trump were imprisoned, he could not run for office. Dershowitz cleared the air on that and said that that statement was not correct. 

"There's no concept. It's completely made up," Dershowitz said. "You can run for president from prison, you can run for president if you're about to be sentenced to death. There is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting a person who has committed crimes or been convicted of crimes of running for president."