Trump attorney, former Justice Department official asks 'what's the harm' of a special master

Trump's attorney said it is a "fair question" to ask whether the Justice Department is trying to cover something up by opposing a special master.

Updated: September 12, 2022 - 1:35pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

A Trump attorney and former Justice Department official is asking the agency why it is "so worried" about having an independent special master review materials seized last month during the FBI's raid of Mar-a-Lago.

James Trusty, on former President Trump's attorney, said it is a "fair question" to ask whether the agency is trying to cover something up by lobbying against a special master to look over the sensitive materials.

"You'd think that in this era of the attorney general constantly talking about rule of law and transparency, that he would be the first one to say, 'Sure, another set of eyes is perfectly fine,'" Trusty told Fox News over the weekend. "What is it that DOJ is so worried about by having an independent, established, well, esteemed person, just give a second look and give some classifications or some categories to what they seized?" 

As part of an ongoing legal battle following the FBI's raid, the Justice Department argued last week that the Trump-requested special master could cause "irreparable harm" to national security and the federal investigation.

Trusty said it is a "constant fight" with the agency, which is opposing the appointment of a special master "tooth-and-nail."

When the judge asked department prosecutors why the agency was so opposed, Trusty said, "They didn't have much of an answer. It was kind of like this overarching theme of, 'Leave us alone, we know what we're doing. We don't need anybody to second guess us.'"