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Trump begins History Tour saying Pence lacked 'courage' to contest Georgia 2020 election results

The former POTUS teased aa 2024 run during a "History Tour" stop with Bill O'Reilly

Published: December 14, 2021 11:20am

Updated: December 14, 2021 12:57pm

Former President Donald Trump kicked off his four-city History Tour this past weekend by telling a Florida audience that his vice president, Mike Pence, lacked "the courage" to do what needed to do in January to contest the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia that Trump narrowly lost. 

"Had he had the courage to do what Thomas Jefferson did, but a minor version..." said Trump, arguing Jefferson, as a founding father, in the 1800 elections, stopped the certification of the results in Georgia because of irregularities. 

"I feel badly about Mike," Trump also said.

Those attending the Sunday evening event with Trump and ex-Fox News Channel opinion show host Bill O'Reilly also heard the former president discuss the possibility of a third run for high office in 2024. 

"I said loud and clear, we won the first time, and the second time we won by even more. And it looks like we might have to think about very strongly a third time," Trump told the crowd.

O'Reilly asked Trump about the potential of putting Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis on the ticket with him.

"I think that people are going to be very happy with what I do. He’s certainly somebody that I like a lot," he replied.

Meanwhile, Pence has been alluding to the possibility of a 2024 run for himself.

He recently made campaign-style stops in New Hampshire and told a CNN, "I can honestly tell you in 2023, my family and I will do what we have always done. We'll reflect, we'll pray and determine where we might best serve, and we'll go where we're called."

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