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Lawsuit filed in Michigan alleges election fraud including backdating of ballots, unverified voters

Several election workers have filed affidavits attesting to election fraud that took place in Detroit.

Published: November 10, 2020 7:08am

Updated: November 10, 2020 4:33pm

A voter fraud lawsuit filed in Michigan alleges that poll workers were instructed to backdate ballots and not verify signatures. 

The suit, brought in Michigan's Third Judicial Circuit by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of Cheryl Constantino and Edward McCall, pertains specifically to ballot counting in Wayne County, in which Detroit is located. 

David Kallman, a senior attorney with the center, told the Epoch Times, "The main concern is, obviously, the clear fraud that occurred in the counting process of the votes in Wayne County, and the way votes were manufactured by workers that were there."

The center is arguing that the court should void the results of the election and ask for a new vote to take place in the county.

"The court has a lot of options, but if they think the fraud is bad enough, the court could void the election and order a new election," he Kallman. 

The suits are being filed amid allegations by the Trump campaign and others that voter fraud threw the 2020 presidential race to the campaign of Democrat Joe Biden.

A Detroit elections worker named Jessy Jacob signed an affidavit for the court claiming she was told to backdate mail-in ballots and ignore any deficiencies with the ballots that she saw. She was also told not to request identification from in-person voters.

In the affidavit, Jacob says, "I directly observed, on a daily basis, City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party." She says she saw election workers "encouraging voters to do a straight Democrat ballot."

Several poll challengers signed additional affidavits alleging election fraud had taken place. Former Michigan assistant attorney general Zachary Larsen says he saw an election official toying with a ballot secrecy sleeve, which is in place to keep individuals' information private, and checking inside the envelopes. 

When Larsen noted the issue to a supervisor, he was told, "Why does it matter? What difference does it make?"

Another Detroit poll challenger, Andrew Sitto, said he overheard a conversation that took place in the early hours of the morning following Election Day. Other elections workers said that several vehicles with out-of-state license plates had pulled up outside the TCF Center and had begun unloading boxes full of tens of thousands of ballots. 

Every ballot from the new shipment that Sitto observed was counted in favor of Joe Biden. 

A third Michigan election worker, Robert Cushman, said he saw thousands of ballots being counted from unknown, unverified individuals with birthdates marked as 01-01-1900. His election supervisor told him the Wayne County Clerk's Office had "checked them out."

The lead attorney for the city of Detroit, David Fink, said of the lawsuit, "Like two previous lawsuits, this case is not based upon actual evidence of any election fraud or misconduct. It is based upon various conspiracy theories, which have already been debunked."

"We are confident that this case, like the others filed last week, will be dismissed. There were more than 200 Republican challengers in the room at the TCF Center, but only five such people have come forward to support these claims, which actually tells us how well the process was run," he continued. 

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