Michigan leader says Detroit voting irregularities 'reprehensible' and lacking transparency

He says there were many more Democrat observers than Republicans.

Updated: November 19, 2020 - 2:51pm

Aric Nesbitt, the Republican leader of the Michigan GOP-led Senate, is calling the actions of a Detroit voting center 'reprehensible,' saying that there were 3-1 Democrats to Republicans allowed to watch at the polls on Nov. 3 election night.

Nesbitt's wife was at the center and observed what was going on during voting.

Nesbitt said Thursday on "Just the News AM" that Detroit election workers were refusing to count ballots when Republicans were watching but would count when only Democrats were present. 

"Whenever they removed a Republican attorney, or Republican poll observer, the election workers were cheering," he told show host Carrie Sheffield. "They were being kicked out of the room for things like adjusting their face mask or accidentally brushing up against some other folks."

He says they're not getting transparency out of Detroit and this is a real challenge for the city. 

"My colleagues and I are calling for a full audit of the process to try to figure out what actually went wrong," he said.