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Michigan poll watchers testify before legislature about Election Day voting irregularities

Rudy Giuliani will testify before the Michigan state Senate on Wednesday.

Updated: December 1, 2020 - 6:10pm

Michigan's state Senate Oversight Committee heard testimony Tuesday from individuals who said they witnessed irregularities during the state's ballot counting process at the TCF Center in Detroit from election night Nov. 3 into the next morning.

The hearing is occurring about one month after the state's House and Senate oversight committees approved subpoenas related to Michigan's general election. 

Several witnesses who on election night worked as poll watchers and challengers testified that they saw problems occur with the ballot-counting process. 

"At no time were we able to actually physically ... see the ballot and then see it in the poll electronic book," said one witness who spoke of her time as a poll watcher, during which she was purportedly kept so far away from the ballot counters that she could not possibly execute her task effectively.

"Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter, and the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same xeroxed copies of the ballot," said one witness. "They were all for Biden across the board, there wasn't a single Trump vote."

The female witness also said that bad-faith ballot counters manually entered names, addresses and birth dates of "01/01/2020" affiliated with the military ballots of unregistered voters to override the system that would not accept unregistered votes. 

President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who has been spearheading most of the campaign's legal efforts to overturn the apparent results of the presidential election, will attend a Wednesday hearing in Michigan to testify before the House committee. 

A similar presentation of witness testimony took place on Monday in Phoenix, Ariz.