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How declining American patriotism could impact the election

Only 48% believe that America is currently a good role model for other countries

Updated: July 15, 2020 - 11:24pm

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Civil rights issues and a declining economy are helping to chip away at how patriotic Americans feel that could have a real impact in the presidential elections come November.

According to recent Scott Rasmussen poll, 62% of voters nationwide say that they are proud of America’s history. 78% of voters are proud to be American, and 80% of voters consider themselves patriotic or somewhat patriotic. However, only 48% believe that America is currently a good role model for other countries. Looking at specific demographics, 61% of Black voters, 68% of Hispanic voters, and 83% of White voters say they're proud Americans.

Older voters tend to be more patriotic than younger voters, which could be a tell for how well our presidental candidates could do this year. According to Pew Research Center, older voters are more involved in the polling process, and vote more frequently than younger voters. Since older folks tend to be more conservative than younger voters, this could be an advantage for President Donald Trump. However with coronavirus making older voters less likely to actually go out and vote, younger voters might compensate for the missing numbers and provide an advantage for presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Scott Rasmussen breaks down how America’s perception of itself could affect the election this November, in his new Number of the Day podcast. 

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