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Why the civil rights fight is good news for Biden, bad news for Trump

It's an important question that the presidential candidates need to consider for this upcoming election.

Updated: July 8, 2020 - 3:01pm

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President Donald Trump's latest barrage against those removing Confederate and historical statues could be alienating a key electorate that the president needs most to secure another term in office.

57% of those who strongly oppose Trump also oppose removing statues of George Washington. These are voters over the age of 55, live in the suburbs and are politically independent. 

Those are also the voters that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is wooing as he gains support among progressive activists and protesters demonstrating against police brutality. The harder Trump goes against what he's called the "radical left," the more opportunity Biden may have to scoop up these independents. 

Biden too has his own balancing act as he works to mollify progressives who want more police and health care reform, as well as climate change policy.

Scott Rasmussen talks more about the statue issue, and why it’s going to be important in the 2020 election, in his new Number of the Day podcast.